Participation in European research programs:

Inter}Artes Thematic Network for Higher Arts Education in Europe.

A theme network Inter}Artes (2004-2007) is based on the possessions of the Thematic Network “Innovations in Artistic High School Education”, that worked 2000-2004. This is a research program, which was created in aim of researching the situation and character of arts education system in Europe in relationship with European integration and especially with Bologna Declaration. One researches all the aspects of learning, teaching and running scientific research in fields of art. We are especially concentrated on:
– retaining of influence of high arts education on the social, arts and cultural development,
– strong identification of arts high education in whole Europe
– studying and teaching focused on students
– cultural and social diversity in connection with arts education
– innovation, that is inspired by cultural, arts and educational tradition
– creating, presenting, researching as purely artistic competences
– building of portfolio and unusually careers of artists.
The network is leaded by Tomasz Kubikowski.

The Academy is the first high school in Poland, which decided to coordinate a thematic network. The project is financed by European Commission of Socrates program. Nowadays 55 European arts high schools and institutions are engaged in workings of the thematic network.

Transmission Art Education

The aim of the project is to define possibilities of cooperation of the artists with social organizations, or so-called organizations of the Third Sector. Transmission assumed, that artists may develop in non-artistic fields, for instance with disabled people, working in prisons, working with youths.Basic assumptions of the program:
elaborating and development of educational model, which would give artists the competences connected with working in another fields (for instance basic psychological or pedagogic competences)
elaborating of system of communication between artists and organizations working in their surroundings – in order to create a permanent and stable cooperation (the organizations should recognize their own needs – they should know, what do they need from the artists and also the artists should be conscious, which competences and knowledge they need in order to begin such a cooperation responsibly)
by these workings and promotion of the whole program – creating a new job market for the artists.
Project financed by means of European Commission, coordinated by Kunstenaars & CO in Amsterdam. In this project are involved arts educational institutions from Great Britain, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland and Poland. Theatre Academy is a partner of this project. The realisation took place in 2004-2006.

The European Archipelago of Humanistic Thematic Networks Human Plus 2006

The European Archipelago of Humanistic Thematic Networks Human Plus 2006 is a platform of exchanging information and cooperation all the thematic networks working in Europe, whose subject concerns humanistic sciences and arts. The Archipelago includes many fields, for example: language, cultural memory, history, geography, politic sciences, feminine studies, architecture, art, music, human rights – each of these fields is a subject of research of a distinct thematic network.

Bilateral cooperation:

Cooperation with St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy

2006 three workshops took place, which were run by pedagogues from St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy Prof. Vieniamin Filsztynski conducted a workshop for students of the second year of Acting. Irena Rode made a workshop with for students of Puppetry Department; Prof. Violetta Bazhenova worked with students of the second year of Acting. Students from St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy and Puppetry Department worked on short theatre pieces in Białystok. Katarzyna Dąbrowska (IV Acting) took part in International Vocal Competition in Petersburg, were she was given a price.

Polish-Japanese Academy of Theatre

A Project is realised in cooperation with Japanese Embassy. It consists in recognition of Japanese culture and performative tradition by realising two workshops: aikido workshop and workshop with basic elements of Nõ theatre. Workshops are realised once a year – currently there are two workshops aikido, leaded by Nami Katsuragi, and a workshop Nõ, leaded by master Kanze Hideo. The effects of the workshop were presented while inauguration of III International Theatre Schools Festival.

Socrates-Erasmus Program:

Partner institutions, which the Academy is entitled to exchange with: Freie Universität BerlinUniversité Paris X NanterreGoldsmiths College University of London Vysoká Škola Múzických Umení in BratislavaLatvijas Kultūras Akadēmija in RigaUniversitá di Bologna

Participation in festivals:

Istropolitana Project in Bratislava (24-28th June 2006)The students of the fourth year of Acting presented the performance Anonymous work directed by Jan Englert. To this performance was given a prize for the outstanding artistic achievement and also the Audience Prize. Agnieszka Judycka and Marcin Hycnar received individual acting prices.