Miodowa 22/24, 00-246 Warszawa, plus code: 62X5+64 Warszawa

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surroundings, access

Collegium Nobilium Theatre of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw is located in the historic area of the Old Town at Miodowa Street. It is a historic building. Miodowa Street has the character of a street with a walking part. It is lined with granite slabs (both the street and the pavement). The road lane has designated bicycle paths on both sides. There is a pedestrian crossing right next to the main entrance to the Academy. The level of the paving slabs was levelled with the main entrance’s entrance slab.


There are three public transport stops in the immediate vicinity of the Academy:

  • Plac Krasińskich 01 bus stop
  • Plac Krasińskich 02 bus stop
  • Kapitulna 02 bus stop


Within walking distance of 5 minutes from the Academy:

  • Stare Miasto 01 tram and bus transit stop
  • Stare Miasto 02 tram and bus transit stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 09 tram and bus transit stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 10 tram and bus transit stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 03 tram stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 04 tram stop
  • Ratusz Arsenał metro station
  • Plac Bankowy 07 tram stop
  • Plac Bankowy 08 tram stop
  • Plac Bankowy 01 bus stop
  • Plac Bankowy 03 bus stop
  • Plac Bankowy 04 bus stop
  • Plac Zamkowy 01 bus stop
  • Plac Zamkowy 02 bus stop


car park

The Theatre Academy does not have a car park for guests and spectators. There are parking spaces along Miodowa Street, on the side opposite the building, including spaces for people with disabilities. This is a paid parking zone. Parking spaces are also available on Schillera Street, opposite the entrance to the main building. Nearby, at Plan Krasińskich, there is a publicly accessible paid underground car park.


entrance to the building

There are two entrances to the Academy building from Miodowa Street. Looking from Krasińskich Square, first, there is the main door, above which there is a characteristic hand with white and navy-blue stripes; and to the right of them, approximately 50 m away, there is a metal wicket gate. This second entrance leads to the Collegium Nobilium Theatre. The main entrance to the CNT building is marked with the inscription Collegium Nobilium Theatre on the building’s facade. The entrance is through a magnificent iron gate at the pavement level. The passage through the gate does not have a barrier for wheelchairs. The width of the gate door is 75 cm (155 cm after opening the second leaf). The entrance to the foyer (hall) of the Collegium Nobilium Theatre is on the right side of the gate. The door is 100 cm wide. Behind this door, there is a box office and a toilet for people with disabilities. The CNT foyer has a ramp for wheelchairs and a dedicated entrance to the auditorium. The Collegium Nobilium Theatre has a professional sound system but does not have an induction loop or audio description tools.


interior description

The Collegium Nobilium Theatre is partially adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, in particular for people in wheelchairs or whose mobility is limited. The foyer is spacious. It has a ramp and a dedicated wheelchair entrance to the auditorium. Stairs lead to the balcony and -1 level (where, among others, there are toilets). There are balustrades at a height of 110 cm on both sides of the stairs. The foyer is paved with a rather slippery granite slab. The stairs leading to the auditorium have anti-slip strips on the steps. These stairs do not have a handrail. There is also a side entrance to the auditorium without architectural difficulties.


box office

The box office is located just behind the entrance to the Collegium Nobilium Theatre but before the entrance to the foyer. The cash register window is located at a height (bottom edge) of 97 cm. The box office window has a microphone and sound system. It can be used by people in wheelchairs. Tickets can be purchased online (Academy website/tickets, commercial website/tickets/eBILET, commercial website/tickets/KICKET, commercial website/tickets/KUP BILECIK), reserved by e-mail or by telephone: 22 635 99 39. It is also possible to purchase tickets directly during the box office’s opening hours or two hours before the start of the performance. Detailed information is below.



The cloakroom is located in the hall (foyer) to the right of the entrance. The cloakroom is operated by CNT employees. You should leave your outerwear in the cloakroom but do not leave any valuable items. The cloakroom is not monitored by staff during the performance.



The auditorium has two places for wheelchairs in the first row (immediate removal of the chair and putting a stroller in that place are possible). Viewers may report the need to use a disabled seat when booking or purchasing a ticket. There are performances when the auditorium layout differs from the standard one. It can be located in different places depending on the type of performance. Therefore, the number of seats and the location of seats for wheelchair users depend on the current arrangement of the auditorium. Please ask the staff for details before purchasing a ticket for the performance.

The auditorium is built in an amphitheatre style, with 90-110 cm wide stairs on both sides of the auditorium. There is no handrail.


access procedures

Entrance to the Collegium Nobilium Theatre for people from outside the Academy is only possible during the hours of performances or other events. Viewers are informed about whether admission to events is paid (ticket) in press releases and on the Collegium Nobilium Theatre website: The Collegium Nobilium Theatre/repertoire website.

The Collegium Nobilium Theatre is open to viewers approximately one hour before a performance or other event starts. There are no restrictions on the presence of an assistance dog within the Collegium Nobilium Theatre.



The bathroom located at the entrance to the Collegium Nobilium Theatre is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Toilets located on -1 level are not adapted and can be accessed by stairs.


assistance in the building

Spectators are served by a team of ticket collectors and cloakroom staff. This team provides all information, both substantive and regarding the operation of the facility.