Henryka Sienkiewicza 14, 15-092 Białystok, plus code: 45M6+CQ Białystok

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The seat of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw Branch Campus in Białystok is located in the city centre at Sienkiewicza Street. It is a historic building with a characteristic large gate. Access to the Academy is via a wide pavement with a paving stone surface.


There are five public transport stops in the immediate vicinity of the Academy:

  • stop number 417 – Sienkiewicza, Rzeka Biała
  • stop number 422 – Sienkiewicza, Theatre Academy
  • stop number 305 – Piłsudskiego, Rzeka Biała
  • stop number 303 – Piłsudskiego, Sienkiewicza
  • stop number 416 – Sienkiewicza, Rynek Kościuszki


car park

The Theatre Academy does not have a car park for guests and spectators. There are numerous parking spaces along Sienkiewicza Street, on the side where the entrance to the building is located (paid parking zone A), including spaces for people with disabilities.


entrance to the building

The main entrance to the Theatre is in the inner courtyard. You have to go through the main gate and the inner gate. In the right leaf of the main gate, there is a 72 cm wide wicket. The lower edge of the entrance hole is 10 cm above the ground surface. It is possible to open the entire gate. Then, the entrance will be at the same level as the pavement, and the width of the entrance opening will be 140 cm. The Theatre Academy should be informed about such a need in advance, by telephone or e-mail, when making an appointment or attending a cultural event. You can also use the intercom located on the wall of the tenement house to the left of the gate (at a height of approx. 130 cm) and inform the receptionist about the need to open the gate (the intercom is not marked).

After passing the main gate, there is another gate leading to the inner courtyard. It is open during performances. The passage is at ground level (paving stones). If the gate is closed, you should wait. The passage will be opened when spectators are able to enter the School Theatre. The entrance is through the right leaf of the gate, 120 cm wide, with a handle at a height of 80 cm.

The main entrance to the School Theatre building is located on the other side of the courtyard, opposite the gate. There is one step leading to the door (about 10 cm high). The door is double leaf, and the entrance is in the right leaf: passage 65 cm in width, handle at a height of 110 cm. Both door leaves can be opened, and the width of the entrance opening is 135 cm (please contact the staff present at each performance regarding this matter). There is a 9 cm high threshold in the passage.


interior description

Behind the main door, there are three steps up to the Theatre level. The School Theatre premises – cloakroom, toilets, theatre room – are on the same level. Not all aisles are wheelchair accessible, but the performance’s staff will ensure that viewers can get to their seats in the auditorium.

On the left, there is a corridor leading to toilets (not adapted) and a staircase (available to spectators only if the events take place in rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building). The entrance to the Theatre is located opposite the main entrance. To the right, there is a passage to the theatre hall and cloakroom (self-service, description below).

Viewers do not always enter the performance through the main door. Please ask the staff about the details of a given event when purchasing a ticket or immediately before the performance. During each event organised by the Academy, the employees responsible for organising the auditorium are present to help all viewers. You should look for them in the corridor behind the entrance door or in the hall to the right of the entrance.

The main corridor, the theatre hall and the corridor leading to the toilets are lined with stoneware tiles with a rather slippery surface. The stairs to the upper floors are carpeted.

The building of the Academy in Białystok itself is not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, in particular for people in wheelchairs or whose mobility is limited. The corridors are flat and wide, but individual storeys can only be reached by high stairs (balustrade along the entire length on the right side, handrail at a height of 87-110 cm). The stairs are covered with carpet (protected against sliding with transverse brass bars). The corridors have a lentex floor covering. The surface is quite slippery. There is no lift in the building.

Doors to halls and administration rooms are, on average, 80 cm wide, and door handles are 110120 cm high. In most corridors, security panels made of laminated furniture board are mounted on the walls; the upper edge is at a height of 120 cm – they can help viewers move around.


box office

The box office is located next to the reception. After passing the main gate, turn left. There are two steps up to the door. Behind the door, the box office is on the right. The box office window is located at the entrance door to the box office room at a height of 124 cm (bottom edge). The box office is not suitable for wheelchair users. In such a situation, viewers are asked to contact the box office employees in advance and arrange to collect their tickets. You can also ask the reception or auditorium staff for support. Tickets for performances at the School Theatre cannot be purchased online. Detailed information about prices and applicable discounts is available on the School Theatre website: website School Theatre Białystok.



The cloakroom is located in the hall (foyer) to the right of the entrance. After entering this room, turn left. The entrance to the cloakroom is approximately 7 metres from the hall door and is 76 cm wide. The cloakroom is self-service, equipped with metal hangers mounted at a height of approximately 167 cm. You should leave your outerwear in the cloakroom but do not leave any valuable items. The cloakroom is not monitored by staff during the performance. The locker room is marked with the word „locker room”.



The auditorium in the School Theatre is mobile. It can be located in different places depending on the type of performance. Therefore, the number of seats and the location of seats for wheelchair users depend on the current arrangement of the auditorium. Please ask the staff for details before purchasing a ticket for the performance.


access procedures 

Entrance to the School Theatre for people from outside the Academy is only possible during the hours of performances or other events. Viewers are informed about whether admission to events is paid (ticket) in press releases and on the School Theatre website: website Academy Białystok tickets.

The School Theatre is open to viewers approximately half an hour before a performance or other event starts. There are no restrictions on the presence of an assistance dog within the School Theatre. To ensure viewers’ comfort and convenience, it is worth notifying the need to support viewers with special needs well in advance (when booking or purchasing a ticket a few days before the performance date).

The entrance to the Academy building is monitored by a video system.



The reception is located on the ground floor of the building, opposite the entrance door. There are two steps leading to it from the door. Telephone number for the reception: +48 85 743 53 98.



No bathroom in the building is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The closest bathroom to the School Theatre is in the corridors to the left of the entrance. There are two toilets here, for men and women.


assistance in the building

Assistance is available by calling the reception: +48 85 743 53 98. There is always a person serving the auditorium at the School Theatre during the events organised by the Academy. Look for it near the cloakroom or in the hall to the right of the entrance.