Miodowa 22/24, 00-246 Warszawa, plus code: 62X4+9R Warszawa

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surroundings, access

The seat of The Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw is located in the historic area of the Old Town at Miodowa Street. It is a historic building. Miodowa Street has the character of a street with a walking part. It is lined with granite slabs (both the street and the sidewalk). The road lane has designated bicycle paths on both sides. There is a pedestrian crossing right next to the main entrance to the Academy. The level of the paving slabs was levelled with the main entrance’s entrance slab.


There are three public transport stops in the immediate vicinity of the Academy:

  • Plac Krasińskich 01 bus stop
  • Plac Krasińskich 02 bus stop
  • Kapitulna 02 bus stop


Within walking distance of 5 minutes from the Academy:

  • Stare Miasto 01 tram and bus transit stop
  • Stare Miasto 02 tram and bus transit stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 09 tram and bus transit stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 10 tram and bus transit stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 03 tram stop
  • Metro Ratusz Arsenał 04 tram stop
  • Ratusz Arsenał metro station
  • Plac Bankowy 07 tram stop
  • Plac Bankowy 08 tram stop
  • Plac Bankowy 01 bus stop
  • Plac Bankowy 03 bus stop
  • Plac Bankowy 04 bus stop
  • Plac Zamkowy 01 bus stop
  • Plac Zamkowy 02 bus stop


car park

The Theatre Academy does not have a car park for guests and spectators. There are parking spaces along Miodowa Street, on the opposite side of the building, including spaces for people with disabilities. This is a paid parking zone. Parking spaces are also available on Schillera Street, opposite the entrance to the main building. Nearby, at Plan Krasińskich, there is a publicly accessible paid underground car park.


entrance to the building

The main entrance to the building is visible from Miodowa Street and is located on the main front of the building. The entrance is at pavement level. The first entrance door is 80 cm wide, but after opening the second leaf, it is 160 cm wide. Behind the first door, there is a 90 cm wide vestibule door; behind them, there is a card-operated entrance gate. Between these doors, there is a reception bell: on the left side, at a height of 160 cm. After opening the vestibule door, personal contact with the receptionist is possible. Access gates have an opening function of 254 cm in width. There are 5 steps leading to the access gates. There are no wheelchair facilities at the main entrance. After prior notification by telephone or e-mail, the Academy will assist in carrying a wheelchair.


interior description

The main building of the Academy in Warsaw is partially adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, in particular for people in wheelchairs or whose mobility is limited. The corridors are flat and wide. The first and second storeys can be reached by lift, adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. It is not possible to get to the 3rd floor or -1 level by lift. The stairs lead to all storeys (next to the lift shaft); handrails on both sides at a height of 115 cm. Most corridors are carpeted. Doors to rooms and administration rooms are at least 80 cm wide, and door handles are, on average, 115 cm high.


access procedures

There are several ways to enter the Academy.

You can enter the building through the main entrance during the Academy’s opening hours, i.e. 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. The reception is open 24 hours a day, and it is possible to obtain information (e.g., via intercom or by telephone) 24 hours a day. Only authorised persons may stay on campus outside the Academy’s opening hours.

Entrance to the Academy’s courtyard (passage to other campus buildings) is also possible through the gate of the Collegium Nobilium Theatre building from Miodowa Street. The gate is open on weekdays from 7.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. and at weekends depending on needs, including the repertoire of the Collegium Nobilium Theatre.

The entrance through the gate does not have any barriers. The width of the gate door is 75 cm. After opening the second leaf, it is 155 cm. Assistance in opening the door is available by calling the reception at 22 831 02 16 (open 24 hours a day). From the courtyard, you can go to the M22C and M22D campus buildings (description below).

You can also get to the campus from Kilińskiego Street – via an internal street. Entrance to the Academy premises is closed by a barrier, next to which there is a free passage for pedestrians, strollers, bicycles, etc., 150 cm wide. The passage from Kilińskiego Street leads through an internal car road (entrance and exit to the car park) – caution should be exercised. On the facade of the main building, above the stairs, there is a mirror showing traffic in an invisible passage.

There are no restrictions on the presence of an assistance dog on the Academy premises.



The reception is located on the ground floor of the main building, in a separate area of the entrance hall. There are 5 steps leading to it from the vestibule door. The entrance to the building is limited by an access gate. After unlocking it, the full width of the passage is 254 cm. Telephone number for the reception: +48 22 831 02 16-18.



There is a marked toilet for people with disabilities on the ground floor of the building. An information sign in the main hall directs you to the right of the entrance door. Go to the end of the corridor, then turn right and left (signage). The remaining toilets in the building are not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. Bathrooms are on each storey and are accessible to the public, except for bathrooms intended for students – they are closed and marked.


assistance in the building

Assistance is available by calling the reception: +48 22 831 02 16.