The building is partially rented to an entity providing secondary education (LIFESKILLS Secondary School No. 1). It also serves as a didactic building with limited access for outsiders.



Miodowa 22D, 00-246 Warszawa, plus code: 62X4+9R Warszawa


surroundings, access

The M22D building, part of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw (campus in Warsaw), is located in the historic area of the Old Town at Miodowa Street. It is a building entered in the municipal register of monuments, located in a zone protected by conservation supervision. The building does not have direct access to the streets. It is an internal building.


car park

The Theatre Academy does not have a car park available for guests and spectators but does have a car park for employees inside the campus. Public parking spaces are located in the paid parking zone on Podwale Street and Kilińskiego Street.


entrance to the building

The main entrance to the building is from the school playground. Currently, part of the area is a car park. The entrance to the building is at pavement level. The first entrance door is 60 cm wide. After opening the second door, it is 125 cm wide. Full opening requires a Theatre Academy employee’s assistance, available by calling +48 602 514 436. Behind the first door, there is a 60 cm wide door; after opening the second leaf to a width of: 120 cm. Behind these doors, there is a spacious hall; the reception and cloakroom right from the entrance. There are no architectural barriers in the form of thresholds from the entrance to the pitch to the entrance to the hall.


interior description

The M22D building is not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, in particular for people in wheelchairs or whose mobility is limited. The corridors are flat and wide, but the individual storeys 1, 2, the attic and -1 level can only be reached by stairs. Most of the corridors are covered with wooden parquet floors. Doors to classrooms and administration rooms are at least 78 cm wide, and door handles are, on average, 110 cm high.


access procedures

There are several ways to enter the M22C building.

You can enter the building through the main entrance of the Academy (from Miodowa Street) in accordance with applicable procedures. When passing through the main building, you must climb five steps leading from the hall to the courtyard and car park. There are no handrails. You can lean on the fence adjacent to the stairs.

You can also enter the Academy’s courtyard through the gate of the Collegium Nobilium Theatre building, open on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and at weekends, depending on your needs, including the repertoire of the Collegium Nobilium Theatre. Passage through the gate has no barriers for wheelchairs. The width of the gate door is 75 cm. After opening the second leaf, it is 155 cm. Assistance in opening the leaf is available by calling 22 831 02 16.

From the courtyard, you can go to the M22C and M22D campus buildings – level 0 of both buildings is wheelchair accessible.

You can also get to the campus from Kilińskiego Street – via an internal street. The entrance to the Academy premises is closed by a barrier, next to which there is a free passage for pedestrians and strollers/bicycles, 150 cm wide. The passage from Kilińskiego Street leads through an internal car road (entrance and exit to the car park) – caution should be exercised. On the facade of the main building, above the stairs, there is a mirror showing traffic in an invisible passage.



The reception is located on the ground floor of the M22D building, in a separate area of the entrance hall. There are no steps or thresholds from the vestibule door. Entrance to the building is limited by a magnetic card access system. The telephone number for the reception of the M22D building: +48 602 514 436.



There is a toilet on the ground floor of the building, accessible by stairs. Toilets in the building are not adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.


assistance in the building

Assistance is available by calling the reception: +48 22 831 02 16 or +48 602 514 436.